What is a Soulmate – a message from the Divine

What is a Soulmate – a message from the Divine

what is a soulmateDivine flow is a method by which I quiet myself and then ask for a direct answer to a direct question from the divine (our creator) or another deity from the heavenly realms.  The following is a Divine flow. I asked the Divine the simple question, “what is a soulmate?”

“My dear child this is the divine speaking, you have asked a deep and often asked question. What is a “Soul-mate”.  The answer my child is any soul that you resonate with that supports you and your soul journey in such a way that both of you are returning to my heart.  I know this sounds a bit simple and not so esoteric or even lofty with words such as romantic and caring etc… However this is the true meaning of a soulmate.

In the world today there are many that are lost and many that are found. What separates those who connect to a long lost soul love and those that do not is karma.  Let me explain.  When you the Soul goes through lifetimes of evolution, and re-doing of this experience here on earth you create both good and bad karma.  Your soul desires to be rid of this negative karma because it knows that it will impede its progress back to my heart. Therefore it chooses in between lifetimes to resolve these issues of karma that it created with other souls in previous incarnations.  When souls reenter the life on earth, they have the opportunity to resolve through love and forgiveness the imbalances they created in previous times.  Many humans recognize the intention of their soul on a deeper level and they do what they can to resolve karmic blockages in this life.  If they do well then they move to deeper layers of love amongst themselves or a new opportunity is revealed that could be their true love.

The largest soul journey dilemma with those on earth at this time is their desire to search outside of themselves to find the love that is inside.  If they took the time to feel me to love me (Love themselves) as I love them then they would easily and readily attract a mate that is supportive and not abusive. Those who self abuse, attract abusive how do i find my soulmatemates.  Those who are free attract mates who support freedom.  Freedom is LOVE in its highest form because freedom holds no conditions.  Love is unconditional.  Expressing love is expressing freedom to be who you want to be and allow unconditionally others to be who they want to be.  But I divest; back to your subject directly.  LOVE is the subject of many great books and religions. LOVE, simply put, is the root of all evil and the root of all good in life.  Love encompasses the yin and yang of life.  LOVE is the reason murders occur and the reason gardens flourish.  Love is all things, it cannot be other because I am LOVE and I am all things.  Therefore love is also all things.  When you criticize or judge yourself, you are judging me, because I am the good and the unpleasant. Learning to love all aspects of who you are is critical.  Ponder on this dear one and you will find many hidden treasures to help you reach deeper layers of self love.

In order for your readers to attract love in their life the answer is and will always be the same.  Self love creates that which attracts love.  Humans and most all life is magnetic in nature.  Meaning you attract that which the majority of your focus in on.  Since you focus on a lack of love and woe is me, you receive exactly that, a lack of love.  If on the other hands you focused on self love, self gratitude, self health, and humble yet powerful self appreciation. You will find that that is what will attract a soulmate to you, they will resonate with your self confidence, people will gravitate towards your well beings  and your radiant glow, they will recognize god in you as you are reflecting my message of love that I infused into all energy and matter that has brought you into being.  This re-connection to your origination is the key for all souls as they all eventually return to me.  This is the lessons for today on soul and soulmate.  I encourage your readers to re-read this last 3 paragraphs and go deeply into what is said as it holds the greatest wisdom I can share on this subject. “

This message was to all my readers from the Divine.  I found the answer to the question “what is a soulmate” to be both enlightening a beautifully simple.  Your soul has a message for you to. To have your own “Soul Reading” give me a call at 808-469-6199 or contact me contact me