What is a soul reading and how does it work?

I am not quite sure why soul reading is so popular, but I have been doing a great deal of them in this last year.  So what exactly is a soul reading?  A soul reading is a message from your soul.  A soul reading involves me connecting to your soul and your heavens team.  Every person has their own heavens team that is usually comprised of guides, angels, saints, and sometimes our ancestors.

Paul fletcher soul healingWhen I first started training, soul reading was not something I was too keen on doing for other people.  My training started 5 years ago when I was being trained by the Master Sha’s team of World Wide representatives at the Soul Power Institute. The training involves a long and safe process of opening your spiritual channels. Receiving specific downloads to clear karma blockages in the channels and practice, practice, practice.

The channels I am referring to are the soul language channel, soul communication channel, 3rd eye channel, and direct knowing channel.  They are separate channels but interrelated in the effectiveness of the reading.  The practice to make the channels open and the actual reading are separate practices. Opening the channels requires spiritual purification, service to humanity, and specific chakra boosting and opening practices. These practices combine to clear the karmic blockages that often pollute the purity of the information that is received during a soul reading.

The actual practice of training for a soul reading is very straight forward. The instructor would ask us to connect to a saint from the soul world and receive a message for a question. I and many other students would do this daily for years.  This continual practices moved my monkey mind from doubt to incredulousness and then into trust. I eventually started doings soul readings for others, connecting to their teams in heavens and offering them guidance. With each “Flow” as we call it I received more and more validation of the accuracy of the readings.

One of the great differences between a soul reading and a psychic reading is that I can receive messages from the soul of lifetimes of a relationship, or the soul of a business.  I often call in the soul of the best possibility or suggestion for an outcome. I am sometimes blown away by the information that these supposedly inanimate, intangible souls offer.

The best way to know if a pear is sweet is to taste it.  I will offer an example now.

  1. Dear Quanyin what is your teaching on compassion? My beloved son I am honored to offer a short teachingQuanyin image on this most important subject. Compassion is the most lacking attribute in humanity today.  Compassion is the opposite of selfishness. Compassion is the reflection of one’s connectivity to the oneself.  When one offers compassion to another soul, animal, human or any soul then one is showing them god in oneself. I am often called the goddess of compassion. I would more accurately be depicted as the messenger of the creator’s most pure message.  Compassion is not a choice it is a birthright that every soul is given. If that were not true you would all be in a place less desirable. The beloved creator offers you deep love and unconditional compassion.  Be the reflection of your creators love and offer your compassion to all souls. Start today with just one and build upon that. This is your beloved Quanyin.

Thank you Quanyin, for this beautiful flow.  I am deeply honored and grateful that you came and shared this wisdom.
You may notice the tone and words used change substantially from my own way of communicating.  During my one hour readings, volumes of valuable wisdom and guidance are shared.  I always record the sessions with my phone or computer so my clients can listen later.  They are always amazed that upon the 2nd and 3rd listening they receiver deeper and deeper insights. I encourage you to learn how to open your spiritual channels as well.  It’s an amazing and life changing experience. To learn more about a soul reading or to experience a complimentary 10 minute reading, contact me here.