After I received the TAO Hands I was looking for a workshop to open my spiritual channels. Most of them are very short, mostly one weekend. I found the 12 weeks course from Master Paul, and participated. I enjoyed every exciting session. Every session is recorded and the videos and audio tracks are available up to one year. The videos have subtitles. I am not native English speaking, so the subtitles were sometimes helpful, but in most cases they were not necessary for me, because Master Paul is an excellent teacher. Master Paul helped everyone of us to achieve the best of our potential. We were all connected in the Facebook messenger chat group. If we needed further assistance Master Paul helped quickly and effectively. What I have learnt? See the curriculum. But I have learnt much more. I have learnt, how to further progress on my soul  journey after the completion of the course. This is a very important point, to have a roadmap after a workshop. I know, which practices are useful for me. I have the recordings guided by Master Paul and practice every time I want (nearly every day). And most importantly I finished the course with less blockages! I have met wonderful people from around the world. With some I stay in contact. I know, that I am on the right path. What do I next? Advanced Open Spiritual Channels, the second part of the course for 5 weeks.   Margarete Eisele (Germany)

Attending The Open Spiritual Channels Program with Master Paul was a truly unique and amazing experience. The program offers profound spiritual guidance/ practices, the effects of which can be immediately felt! The teachings are holistic in that they address all layers of soul, heart, mind, energy and matter, and cover all key energy centers of the body. There is a perfect balance between theory and practical application. This program is truly life changing and I would recommend it to anyone looking to make a genuine transformation in their lives!     M. Obaid



12 weeks ago I joined this class without having any previous training and knowledge. Except the class curriculum, I didn’t know what to expect. From the start master Paul said “do your practice and keep going. Everything will make sense in the end.” And wow, he was so right!! The wisdom that master Paul shares in this class is absolutely life changing!! He’s been guiding our steps, opening our hearts and bringing light into our lives. He’s not just teaching methods or mantras, he’s offering each of us the tools to master our own lives! He’s empowering us! All that I learnt is allowing me to advance faster on my spiritual journey. The blessings that master Paul is offering are saving maybe lifetimes of practice! I’m so grateful that I’m your student and I’m looking forward to start the advanced class!!   Cora S


I would like to thank you Master Paul for offering Open Spiritual Channels Program. I have learned so much. From soul houses,energy centers, to soul language just to mention a few. I have benefited greatly from these awesome teaching and practices. I could feel so much energy moving though out my body and so many blockages being removed. You take Divine wisdom along with Dr and Master Sha teaching and practical techniques and give it your own Master Paul flare. You truly have helped me to open my heart while blowing my mind. If you are reading this, and are considering on taking this program. I say sign up, and hold on to your crown chakra and  enjoy the ride. I highly recommend this program. With my deepest love and gratitude, Dan

I can wholeheartedly recommend the Open Spiritual Channels courses for anyone who is serious about advancing their spiritual development. Master Paul has utilized several profound and deep teachings of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, from live events, as well as from his several books. I would otherwise not have access to such concise information extracted from multiple sources. Each class is recorded and PDF files of the teachings are also provided. I consider these recordings and documents to be valuable resources that I can now return to at any time for review and practice. I feel that my participation in the OSC and Advanced OSC courses has been time and money well spent! Robert P. USA


I have completed both the Open Spiritual Channels (OSC) and Advanced courses with Master Paul in 2018. I first came across Master Paul on YouTube when I was searching for information on Soul Language. At that stage I had never heard of Master Sha. What a glorious day that was!! I then started listening to Master Paul on his daily Facebook live videos. I was so hungry for more information. So when Master Paul advertised the OSC course, I couldn’t sign up fast enough! Taking Master Paul’s courses really put all the wisdom in Master Sha’s books into action and gave me the confidence to develop my daily practise and take it to a deeper level. Opening my Soul Language for the first time following Master Paul’s instruction, was one of the most profound experiences. I could hear tears of joy coming directly from my soul. I experienced many “aha” moments or Dun Wu when reading Master Sha’s books as a result of training with Master Paul. Training directly with Master Paul on a weekly basis, in a small group really assisted my spiritual development enormously. As I am in Australia, I wasn’t able to join Master Paul live each week for the course due to the time difference. I still managed to receive a huge amount of benefit from the courses. I also formed some really lovely relationships with some of the other students taking the course. A spiritual journey can be daunting and it was so important to me to share my experience with other like-minded people. On a personal note, I find Master Paul to be very passionate about his work with Master Sha. He is an exceptional teacher, who is very generous with his time and blessings. I also really appreciate how reliable Master Paul is and has always been very responsive with his communications. Master Paul is incredibly humble and grounded. I love, honour and appreciate Master Paul. I have the greatest gratitude for his service and for changing my life in so many wonderful ways. Most importantly, he opened my world to Master Sha. Susan Goodreid (Perth, Australia)


Greatest Gratitude and Countless bow downs Erica Rimmer. Saskatchewan Canada


“I have a background in many healing and energy modalities. With interest I watched Master Paul’s live talks on Facebook. I was amazed by following his instructions I felt energy move in my body in ways I have never felt before. I gladly signed up for Master Paul’s Open Spiritual Channels course. After the class where we worked in specific ways on our message center I experienced the sweetness of my fourth soul house open! A truly remarkable experience. Master Paul also blessed me with a soul operation and energy healing on one side of my neck. I have had no pain and total mobility of my neck ever since. Master Paul is a organized, well trained teacher but he is also patient and approachable. I am grateful for experiencing the profound teachings of Master Sha with Master Paul’s live and recorded teachings!”   Germaine Hensel, California, USA


“I can say without exaggeration that taking Master Paul’s class has changed my life. He was able to answer questions that had tormented me since childhood. His knowledge and patience make him an excellent teacher for experts and beginners like me. I am very blessed that I was led to him and plan to take his course again.”

Roberta Q.  Colorado, USA


My name is Upma Dhingra and I am from India. My sojourns were blessed to be a part of soul healing in 2016 when i was blessed with divine healing hands and then Tao hands early this year. I feel I was bumped up by heavens when one day, soon after receiving Tao hands, out of nowhere I received a video of Master Paul fletcher on energy centers. Frankly I had not been regular with these crucial and pertinent practices after receiving my Tao hands!  But following Master Paul’s videos and teachings since that day has opened me up to so much light and excitement that I don’t feel  like doing anything else now the whole day!  The wisdom and teachings and guidance and practices and blessings are a real package deal and so very easy and fun to follow.. Even from across the seven seas! I cannot mention enough!!  

Thank you Master Sha for giving us Master Paul🌺🌺🌺
Thank you Master Paul for all your perseverance, patience and unconditional love and for always being there at even the vaguest of hours!! Cannot thank you enough!!
Da Ai, Da Gan En 🙏🙏🙏🌺🌺🌺   Upma Dhingra… India


In January 2018 I joined  the advaned Open Spiritual Channel Program with  Master Paul Fletcher from Hawaii. I follow Master Paul`s inspiring teachings on Facebook and love them a lot. I was exited and thrilled to join his classes. prior to his class I had neglected the practices and expectations, as a Master Teacher in training even though I was very aware of it. This webinar was what I really needed. The classes where exiting, with deep wisdom and easily explained to understand fully its contents. new Mantras to chant and inspiring practices, and most important they where a lot fun. I was looking forward each week to the new class. Being connected directly to so many students from all over the world to work with them one on one was very rewarding.

The ongoing practice sessions once a week are really helpful to stay focused  and connected to open your spiritual channels further and strengthening your energy centers, soul houses, systems, channels and more. With my whole heart I recommend you all the Advanced Spiritual  Open Channel Program with Master Paul. As a matter of fact I will join once more the program myself, as we can never learn and practice enough together. Love and Light,   Christine Mara Häusermann   Zürich, Switzerland


Master Paul is an excellent teacher. His teachings are explained very easily, clear and concise. The most important for me was receiving the PDFs support which helped me enormously. I can always go back and read them in my own time. On each lesson Master Paul gave us blessings and lots were given free. He taught us lots of wisdom and thoughts. Master Paul’s teachings have made me feel much healthier in myself physically and mentally.  I absolutely love Master Paul’s teachings. I highly recommend his course and I am looking forward to furthering my development in opening my spiritual channels.   Bozena Dutton, London, UK


With Love and Gratituide. Toks & Patrick London, United Kingdom


Hi I am Abdullah. At first I want to give deepest gratitude to Master Paul from the core of my heart. I found master Paul in Facebook about 6 months ago. It transforms my life miraculously as well as my family members. My mom’s had a ovarian cyst. It was about 8.5×6.3cm.  Doctor said to do operation immediately. Then I talked to Master Paul he gave transmission healing blessing to my mother for ovary cyst.  Now mom’s ovarian cyst is 2.2×1.9 cm..doctor being amazed to see that..countless thanks Master Paul.  Then I joined Master Paul’s 12 weeks Open Spiritual Channels Program. It was an incredible opportunity to open my spiritual channels. This 12 weeks as well as advanced OSC make me emotionally,  mentally ,physically, spiritually balanced. On the OSC program Master Paul gives incredible healing blessings, priceless wisdom and knowledge. If I write all things it may be more long because all the things that I have found are priceless and speechless.  I have extremely grateful to be a student of Master Paul.He is an unconditional servant on mother earth. I am also grateful to Master Sha who brings these priceless wisdom on mother earth. Abdullah  S.  Bangladesh

Da Gan En master sha.. 
Da Gan En master Paul..
Ly ly ly from the core of my heart..


I heard  beloved Master Paul on you tube & really took to the explanation that master Paul did to profound teachings of Master Sha.  I decided to take the Open Spiritual Channels class.  Although I was not able to attend in person due to time difference I have immensely gained in the 12 weeks & still continue to listen to the recordings and they bring up new wisdom each time.  I’m deeply grateful to master Paul for his incredible service & devotion to bringing the wisdom of Master Sha in an organised way !!        With love & gratitude ,Shalini Mohan ( India ) 


I signed up for the 12 week “Open Spiritual Channels” course hoping to generally get more in touch with my intuitive side …

But I left with vastly more.

Instead of paying someone to tell me something they felt or thought for a particular situation in my life, I learned not only how to clear my personal blockages, but to also heal myself and others, as well as receive information that enables me to live my life happier, healthier, and with inspiration based upon ancient Tao wisdom and practices.  Master Paul Fletcher provides a brilliant and entertaining curriculum comprising the teachings of Master Sha, coupled with interactive group sessions that are informative, yet personal and enjoyable.

Master Paul has a calm and logical method of teaching that truly connected and inspired me. I can’t speak highly enough of this course.   Joy W.   Wisconsin, U.S.A


Master Paul Fletcher is a wonderful teacher, with a down to Earth approach, and a great sense of humor, the class opening spiritual channels, Which is a 12 week course, i thoroughly enjoyed, it was very supportive with questions and answers, the modules within the program were easy to follow step by step, we are encouraged to do daily homework which i highly recommend, and if you get stuck or have any trouble, or have some shifts you can always private message master Paul, for that extra help and advice, it has definitely opened up my awareness, and given me a higher perspective on humanity and the world as a whole. I highly recommend the Opening Spiritual Channels course, or any of master Paul Fletchers courses to prospective students who resonate with these beautiful courses. I look forward to my next journey in the advanced Spiritual Channels Program and i’m sure it will catapult me even further into connecting me with my Heavens team and the Divine the Dao and Source. I would like to thank Master Paul and Master Zhi Gang Sha for making this all possible for all Humanity HAO THANK YOU.?  Vanessa F.  New Zealand


Hello, my name is Shelley Wilburn & I completed the 12 week course in Opening Your Spiritual Channels Program. It was truly AMAZING! Before I started I was in my bed 24/7 with dire health issues & now I’m doing much better health wise & spiritually. The blessings Master Paul gives are extremely helpful in changing ones health & wellbeing. It’s changed my perception of self, the world & others around me. It gave me a hand up & a chance to change my destiny with a higher understanding of spiritual awareness & love. This class is so important to learning how to move forward spiritually! Master Paul does an outstanding job reaching his students & carefully sharing Master Sha’s wisdom & teachings. It was truly worth every penny spent!   Shelly M.    W. Virginia USA


Yes with the 12 week course I now fully understand what the spiritual centers are and how they correlate to chakras. Master Paul infuses so much wisdom into the lessons, I learn many new things each time I review the webinar recordings. The Master Sha teachings on soul centers (chakras) is just so much more understandable than any other teachings I’ve found. The way the Mantras facilitate chi movement just elevate me to new realms, whether quickly or subtly the next day.

Most importantly it has taught me how to awaken the soul centers in proper order, which nobody else seems to have a clue about. It gives me the hope that I can offer healing chi blessings for sick people near or far. The practices definitely have power to them to propel the balancing and opening of spiritual channels. Thank you Master Sha and Master Paul for making these teachings available to the novice. So refreshing ! Jim Spaetti     Illinois, USA


When I signed up for the program in August 2017 I had been searching for something to help me cope with a life-long battle against illness, pain, and grief. I had just been introduced to Master Sha’s teachings by Master Paul Fletcher. It turned out signing up for this program was the BEST decision I could made for myself. It changed my way of thinking, acting and my approach to my fellow human beings in a most POWERFUL way. The COUNTLESS BLESSINGS that came with attending the program changed my health in a most POSITIVE way. It TOUCHED me in a way I never thought was possible.

I had severe blockages that I was fighting against without any hope it seemed. Being in this program changed that 100%. Now they are being unblocked – one by one. I learned how to forgive from the bottom of my heart and not from my ego. I managed to handle my grief and to realize it wasn’t the end of the world. It was a new beginning. It helped me take that first wobbly step on my own. I could write a book about the way it had an impact on my health. Health matters that was a part of my every day for 30 years is no longer that. I had cancer – it’s gone. I had epilepsy – it gone too. I had a lot of things, now gone or severely diminished.

The most wonderful thing is that it brought me to a world I did not know existed. For the first time in many years, I am HAPPY.I got to know my own SOUL. It was not an easy process to go through by any means, but with the support of the Divine, Master Sha, Master Paul, my soul family and own family – I am now entering a new phase in my life. Entering this course will take you by the hand and show you that there IS a world way better than the one you live today. Monica R.    Norway, Europe