How to tell my facebook friends to like a certain facebook page

How to tell my facebook friends to like a certain facebook page.

Have you ever wanted your Facebook friends to be able to share what you sent them. Or better yet be able to

explain to your friends how to go to your page and ask all their friends to like your page.  Sometimes I want my friends to like the page of a great website like Master Sha’s facebook page so he can reach out and help more people.

Great news: Not only did I figure it out, I can show you how to do it in about 60 seconds.   Click on this video link I posted on the Love Peace Harmony Center Honolulu YouTube site. And watch the video.  BUT NOT YET.  Wait till you finished reading my awesome blog post !

Sharing is also pretty easy, but I am surprised by how many people don’t know how or don’t think about the value of sharing.  Take this post for example, at the Top of my page you could click on the Facebook ICON and it would immediately drop this blog onto your FB timeline.   Then everyone of your friends and their friends and their friends  and so on could receive the same wisdom. How cool would that be.

facebook friendsIf you like my postings and want to be notified when I post… look right next to that Facebook icon I just spoke of at the top of my page and just click on the first little orange Icon next to it.  It says RSS feed when you roll your mouse over it. Then my post will show up on your favorite Yahoo, AOL or MSN starting page.  Okay , that’s all for now, thanks for reading  my post, now go back and click on those links , and learn how to explain to your friends how to like your page, and  then ask your friends to LIKE my facebook page and share it as well Check This Out.