kvetWhat is Spiritual Healing?
There are number of therapies which are used to eliminate difficulties and for healing the illness in our life. Among alternative medicines, spiritual healing is considered to be an effective therapy. These forms of alternative healing modalities are transmitted by spirit and divine presence. One can receive this therapy while having the medical treatment as well.


How does Spiritual Healing work?
Each Modality carries its own method and approach. A typical example would be that the spiritual healer may scan your body or the specific areas, like chest, forehead or any other body part with their hands or mind. This process helps in identifying the areas where the energy is low or stuck. Common methods used for this are aura healing, focusing on chakras or may be past life therapy etc. The time needed and the number of sessions required to complete the analysis depend on your body & mind requirement.


Types of Spiritual Healing
Soul Healing
• Reiki
• Angel Healing

• Meditation
• Yoga
• Acoustic Healing
• Assisted visualization


Effectiveness of Spiritual Healing
It is no doubt that spiritual healing is very effective. Some of the benefits that have been experienced are listed below:
• Increases the vibrational frequency of the body

• Supports the immune system
• Helps in increasing the self-healing abilities of the body
• Improved sleep
• Balancing blood pressure
• Reduction of chronic conditions like asthma, eczema, headaches etc.
• Removes toxins or poisonous elements from body
• Reduces stress and supports calm and relaxation.


ChakrasDifferences among Spiritual Healing Modalities
Each spiritual healing modality has a value and degree of effectiveness. The degree of effectiveness depends on several variables including but not limited to:
• Purity of the Individual offering the spiritual healing
• Does the modality require touch or is it equally effective without touch.
• Actual experience, length of practice time and education in that modality
• Ability of the spiritual healing practitioner to ascertain with accuracy the core underlying source that created the apparent condition
• The ability for the spiritual healing to be offered only in person or remotely
• The effectiveness of the remote healing may vary depending upon the modality
• Limitations of the chosen modality. I.e. Is it limited to only physical or can the modality be applied to emotional, mental, spiritual, financial, and relationship suffering as well.


Why is Soul Healing my choice of Spiritual Healing modalities?
Soul Healing is based on using the Divines healing power to reverse the suffering of someone at the level of the origin of the problem. We are a soul having a physical experience. The soul in all its lifetimes has created a bank of good virtue and spiritual debt. Karma is the root cause of success and failure in every aspect of life. Heal the Soul first and the mind and body will follow.
Soul Healing literally is limitless in its ability to bring about transformation, regardless of who, where or what type of suffering is occurring. Soul Healing can transform, health, relationship, emotional, mental blockages, and more. Soul healing is the most advanced form of spiritual healing on the planet today. To learn more go here.