How soul healing helped families when they pass over

paul fletcher soul healerAs a Soul Healer I am called on for offering soul healing services by different people for different reasons check over here. But this is the first time I was asked to use soul healing to help families after their family member passed away. My friend Bonnie (who works at a mortuary) called me yesterday and asked me to preside over the burial services of one of her clients.  I had talked with bonnie about this before as a possible way to serve, since I am so connected to the soul world. I had not really committed to the idea, but instantly my soul spoke for me and said sure I can do this. My soul was reminding me that soul healing is not just limited to the living.
I remember thinking, “I offer soul healing, but I am not a minister.” I am a servant to humanity, but I am learning that this service when associated with souls, has no boundaries.  A soul that has crossed over is just as much in need of soul healing, guidance and support as the ones that they left behind. My soul healing and coaching transmissions and abilities are ideal for supporting the loved ones of the soul that has crossed over.

Today, I spent most of the morning researching non-denominational services on the web, so I can understood the structure of the service itself.  In my practice forgiveness and love are the top two ingredients for healing and transformation, regardless of the issue.  I will silently and smoothly incorporate these teachings into the ceremonial aspects of the services.  I will also silently offer each person blessings to transform their grief, sadness, or sense of loss.

soul healing


Sometimes the souls of people who have died stay in this realm instead of moving on, because of the emotional attachments that the relatives have. These healing transmissions can literally uplift people’s souls and the soul of the loved one, and assist each person in letting go in love and forgiveness and joy and gratitude for the time together.  It should be an interesting experience. Looking forward to helping many souls in this way.