My First Remote Healing and Soul Reading on a Radio Show


Last week I was blessed to be on a internet based radio show.  I was found though a Facebook post where I was offering a complimentary 10 minute soul reading to anyone that “liked” my Paul Fletcher Soul Healer Facebook Page. One of my fans received a soul reading and had shared how wonderful her experience was and her comments was spotted by Kristin Webster of .

So about 1 month later I did a Live show with Kristin and her radio co-host Cindy.  We had originally discussed that instead of doing soul healing that maybe I could do soul readings because they have healers on their show often.  Kristen had no idea what a soul reading was so I proceeded to set an appointment with Kristen for her own personal reading.  Just before the show aired she expressed to me how the soul reading information I had received in my flow created a catalyst for her to move forward a project that had been on the back burner.

The show was exciting and well received.  The first question to me was about the audience discovering how my history of spiritual awareness and healing developed. We discussed the nature of a soul reading and what could be expected and then we then went into what exactly is soul healing. How does soul healing work, and why is soul healing so effective.

I was thrilled offer a soul reading to several of the callers.  The Akashic records for each person was opened and the information shared by heaven assisted the receivers of the information to have a better understanding of the source of the unpleasant experiences they are having and the soul worlds solution to their current suffering. I explained how KARMA was the rot cause of all success and failure in every aspect of life. I explain how they could dramatically increase the amount of good karma by chanting the divine soul song of Love Peace and Harmony, because they serve billions this way. Good karma is what causes all suffering to dissolve.

I also wanted to demonstrate to them the power of soul healing.  It is important to remember that this healing was


a remote healing. I was in Hawaii and the receiver was in N. Carolina. The caller that was selected had 5 years of ongoing hip pain.  It was getting worse and nothing she had done to alleviate the pain was working.  I asked the caller to measure her level of pain and she stated it was 5 on a 10 scale.  I then silently asked the Divine and my spiritual father Master Sha  to please bless the healing and I turned on my Soul Operation transmission.  I offered a 3-4 minute healing and then asked the caller Patricia to explain her experience and if she felt better. NOW keep in mind this healing was done over the phone it was 4000 miles away, I only offered 3-4 minutes of healing, and I am on the spot.  If it did not work I have a lot of egg on my face!

The caller expressed surprise as she moved her leg and hip she exclaimed that it was 2-3 times more flexible than before with a lot less pain. I asked her to walk and advise of the level of Pain now.  She again was surprised and exclaimed that the pain level had dropped 75% down to a 2 from a 5 level.

This caller immediately set up an appointment with me on the same day for a 1 hour soul reading session and a complimentary soul healing. She took advantage of a special I did just for nrQiradio audience. If you read this and want the same special. I will extend the same special to you as long as the link remains on my site. Click here to see and confirm I am still offering it.

Te radio show was my first. It was exciting and fun and I wish to thank Kristen for her support and I encourage you to take advantage of her life coaching. She is an exuberant and vibrant soul with much to offer.

To listen to the recorded show click here