Tao Blessing system


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You will receive Soul Mind Body Transplants for your one request, which include the following:

  • Health
  • Energy Centers
  • Virus, Bacteria, and Fungus
  •  Unbalanced Emotions

This system includes:

  1. Divine Removal of Shen Qi Jing (soul/heart/mind/energy/matter blockages) of one request
  2. Divine Special Light Wall for the same area/request
  3. Divine Jin Dan Shen Qi Jing Transplants for same request (soul/heart/mind/energy/matter)
  • Soul Transplant for your one request – a new Divine or Tao frequency soul replaces the original soul of the request.
  • Mind Transplant for your one request – Divine or Tao frequency consciousness replaces the consciousness of the request.
  • Body Transplant for your one request – Divine or Tao frequency energy and tiny matter replace the original energy and tiny matter of the request.

PHYSICAL BODY: choose from any organ, or system, or body part, or any condition. examples, would include the kidneys (organ), the cardio vascular (system), the knees (body part), or diabetes (condition)…
EMOTIONAL BODY: Choose from any emotion: fear, anger, grief, anxiety, depression, fear, guilt, shame, and more.
SPIRITUAL CENTERS AND CHAKRAS: choose from any of the 7 chakras (soul houses) or any of the 5 major energy centers.

  • Pkg 1. Includes Message Center/Lower Dan Tian/ Zu Qiao  
  • Pkg 2. Includes 3rd Eye and Kundalini energy centers. 

This system is available for human beings, pets, and souls (transitioned loved ones).

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