Crown Chakra Blessing


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A Crown Chakra Blessing is an exceptional Blessing that has few boundaries. This type of blessing is excellent for transforming Children’s intelligence as well as quickly bring shift to mental & emotional obstacles.  It is successfully used for Relationships, Finances, transforming Negativity, Behavioral imbalances, Faster assimilation of any Healing & Transmission System, Pregnancy, Boosting of Energy, Career, Focus, Opening Spiritual Channels, Alignment to the Divine and your Soul Journey , Releasing self deprecating mindsets, judgments, criticisms, and more.  It will be suggested if that is what is best for your needs.

  • During a Divine Crown Chakra Blessing the divine places his hand on top of your Crown Chakra to offer his blessing of divine light and virtue to transform every aspect of life.
  • You can make a request for one aspect life when you request a Divine Channel Crown Chakra Blessing or that you can let heaven decide.


This system is available for human beings, pets, and souls (transitioned loved ones).

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