Opening the Soul Communication Channels

LOGOOne of the aspects of being one of the more advanced Healers at the Love Peace Harmony Center here in Honolulu is that I am asked questions about utilizing the Soul Powers we healers have, as well as the opportunity to assist others in discovering their full potential.  This morning one of my fellow healers and I were talking about doing “flow.”  Flow is another word for receiving information from the Soul World. Flow comes through what is known as a Divine Direct Soul Communication Channel.

When we do flow or soul communication we are in essence moving our mind aside and allowing the soul world to borrow our mouth to speak out the wisdom that is available to answer the questions that are asked of us. Flow allows me to receive clear and very often correct answers or insights to assist others in moving through or past life blockages. I was blessed to receive certification as a DDSC (Divine Direct Soul Communicator) after 2 years of practice.

The reason I was chatting with my fellow healer about this was because I sensed she was not fully engaging theRoblox Hack Free Robux

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5 days a week morning practices we do to open, develop and clear our spiritual communication channels.  She indicated her fear had do to with the mind getting involved and the lack of trust that the information coming through
In processing through this via our conversation I was able to share with her a deeper realization on knowing when our mind is involved and when we are in true flow.  What I shared was that all people have a unique lens on life. That lens is what the “soul world data”  goes through when we open our mouths and express as clearly as possible what we have heard.  Each of our minds process information very differently from the next person.  Even if the soul world sent the exact same information to 100 people the expression of that information through the DDSC would vary according to each person filter or lens on life. The perfection of this channel is when there is a purity of expression so as to invoke oneness with divine creator. This is what all DDSC strive for.h was authentic.  This brought up a valid recognition of the process we go through in opening our spiritual channels and differentiating our mind from the words that are coming through to us from the soul world.

<img class=" wp-image-295 alignleft" style="margin: 2px; border: 0px;" alt="Clearing the mind" src="×150 have a peek here.jpg” width=”150″ height=”150″ />The last slice of advice I shared with her was to honor this process of clearing and separating the mind. The flow as it comes through will have aspects of our existing knowledge laced throughout the words and explanation we are offering the questioner, however it does not mean that the information is incorrect or of the mind.  It only means that your lens on life has shaped the way the words are expressed.  The Soul world will offer the information in the best way possible to ensure the receiver of the words gets the highest and best answer.  I have been able to assist numerous clients with answers to very personal questions as well as business and relationship guidance.  I am always amazed at the uniqueness of the insights the soul world offers.  I hope sometime you experience a flow on some of your questions.  I am always available to assist you in your transformation process.