Manifesting for the New Year

#Manifesting for the New Year

I have taught on the Live stream here on Facebook for about 2 years now and the subject matter ranges from all things soul, soul power, soul healing, and all things related to the power and significance of the soul. And that will be no different today with the subject of Manifestation.

A lot of us have come across these wisdom in various books, cds, tapes, teachings that are out there; there is some great wisdom from Abraham Hicks teachings which are channeled teachings, a lot of good teachings out there on manifestation. I will be touching on in from the angle of Soul to assist each of us with our upcoming year. Hopefully it will bring some additional guidance and insights as appropriate.

You may watch the video here

Manifesting for the New Year….Learn more and join the Open Spiritual Channels course at

Posted by Paul Fletcher on Thursday, December 27, 2018


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