Is there a God- A case of Instant Manifestation

Is there a god- A case of Instant manifestation

Yesterday I was sitting in my office at the Love Peace Harmony Center in Honolulu.  One of the great blessings of having an office at the center is being able to bathe in the incredible light and healing frequencies there. One of the other aspects of being there is that my spiritual channels are pretty open.

As many who know me can attest to, I am a multi-tasker. I am one of those people who can talk, walk and chew gum at the same time. So having aWatch movie online The Lego Batman Movie (2017)


phone mounted on the front of my car windshield is a must so I can SAFELY answer calls, while multi-tasking and offer voice to text etc…

Well last week my phone holder broke and the calls and text kept coming, so the need for another phone holder, for the sheer sake of safety was important.  The dilemma for me was the immediate ability to locate one that wasn’t $25 or more dollars. The one that broke lasted about one year and was from Ross discount store. I remember thinking after it broke that I haven’t seen any window mounted phone holders except online. And I am in Hawaii so anything that is ordered online cost double from the shipping.

I was feeling stuck because I really didn’t want to spend a fortune for this piece of plastic and I knew Ross hadn’t carried it in a long time. A few days later I was at the center doing computer based “busy work” and I heard the message “go to Ross store now and get the windshield mounting phone holder you need.”  NOW, I thought to myself, how do I know if it will be there, it wasn


’t there the last 2 times I checked.  But the intuition insisted, so I dropped what I was doing and walked to the Ross store around the corner from the center.

Its Christmas time, so everything was crazy busy, but immediately in front of me was a table with all those car attachments, speakers, music listening devices, and all things just for the man in your family. I immediately went there and initiated my search. I was sure I would find it right away. NOTHING… I turned over every box 2 times.  I walked to other sections of the store that may have this unique product and NOTHING.

So I went to the back of the store looked at clothes and meandered around.  I finally ended up back at the same table.  I again looked at every box.  NOTHING.  So with a dejected and somewhat disappointed look I walked away and meandered a bit more.  Somehow I ended back at the same table one more time. And right smack in the only open space on this table was the brand new unopened identical version of the one that had broken on me.  I looked around as if to see a angel or something laughing at me navigate here. I was in the store 30 plus minutes.  I just smiled as I saw the $6.99 price tag and walked to the counter to pay for it… Nothing else just that product…. Since that was all I came for,  I left content with a smile on my face knowing the soul world was teaching me a lesson and ensuring I was safe on the road.

Is there a God? I have witnessed way to many miracles to ever doubt that.   Thank you to the saints that manifest this most needed device for me I am grateful