How I opened my heart and soul, and the gift of karma clearing

I opened my heartHow I opened my heart and soul.  It Friday Morning or was is Thursday morning? I’m not sure, but by the time this blog is posted I’ll have to know because I’ll be giving you the link to the experience that blew open the doors and opened my heart and soul.  I was just minding my own business watching my Teacher, Master Sha on his new Live Stream channel and this beloved most generous soul decided on the spot to offer karma cleansing at the source level for opening the your heart and soul. He also offered a light ball to ensure the blessing increased and grew.  This offer was only made to those who LIKE him on his Facebook page, so I suggest you do that first before clicking on the other links I provide.

I know from training under this incredible soul that this FREE blessing could easily have an honor fee associated with it of up to $1000. For which I would gladly pay if the budget so allowed.

How i opened my heart  is important for others to read because they may be like me. Now I am a wonderful, cordial, loving and giving soul, but for those that have come to know me they can attest to the lack of heart and soul opening at first glance. I am one of those people who is a great listener but will only share with you what you need to know about me until I can trust you. Never the less I know when I have blockages and I knew this one was a big one for me. I knew that my less than fully open heart and soul was as a direct result of karma I had generated from causing this hurt to others. I also knew it had impeded me from being the best healer, communicator and servant I can be for humanity.Watch movie online Logan (2017)

So I found myself in bow down position because it is respectful and honoring of the great opportunity to have  opened my heart and soul karma cleared for all the lifetimes.  In a flash the karma cleansing blessings were ordered and my body gently shook. I was just in tears from the release of lifetimes of past present and future I opened my heartsuffering.  Deep wells of crying tried to surface but I kept them controlled. I couldn’t let my roommates hear them, lest I be found to be human.  How can I ever be grateful enough for this incredible generosity?  I cant, I can only bow down more.

Later that same day I was conducting my first ordained minister duties at as graveside funeral.  I had prepared and was ready yet it was the first one for me and I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I opened my mouth and the words came out. The words were not mine but my soul’s. My soul said, “It is a unique position to be asked to minister for the passing of any soul, most of whom I have never met. I am asked to reflect about this man’s life and yet I know nothing of him. Before I came up here I walked around and tried to meet all of you. It has been said that the best way to know a person is to know those around him.  It is clear to me that this man was a good soul, because I can see the goodness in all of you.”  It was at this pivotal juncture that tears welled up and my heart opened and a stammer was on my sure tongue. I did not stop it I continued with my sermon with an open heart and soul.

Much like the onion there are layers to our return to our creator; each layer revealing deeper aspects of the beauty within. I am looking forward to fully discovering, revealing and sharing all that I may have hidden from others.  I thank my beloved creator, and my spiritual father Master Sha for finding me and assisting me in developing my full potential.  I thank them for empowering me to empower others.  Countless bow downs. To watch and receive this same blessing free click here (approx 50 minutes in) it starts about 8 minutes in…in other words fast forward  past the screen shot….