I had a bad day but I learned a lot

i had a bad dayI had a bad day today. I found myself being offended by certain people. I was assuming or inferring a tone in their written words that came to me via email.  I quickly fired back my assumptive response. Guess what, turns out it wasn’t them!  I was the one who was wrong thinking.  Imagine that.  I was a bit amused and also irritated with myself for allowing myself to be so assumptive.  As I reviewed the conditions that lead up to this day and these responses, I did not find anything that would have created a negative catalyst.

As a matter a fact I had a wonderful day the day before.  I gave away a lot of Soul Healing Miracle books.  I played in the ocean for a few hours, and got some of my life responsibilities done.  Now, as I write this blog to you, I will ask my soul to please tell me what is the source of this irritation or shortness with others.  I will write down the message I am receiving from my soul. This is a real life example of a soul reading.

My dear Paul, you are on a trajectory that is always being impacted by higher frequencies. Your Master is always being uplifted and because your soul and its journey is connected to his. You and your frequency are also in a sense are being uplifted.  When this occurs, layers of mind blockages are being revealed to you. The opportunity to recognize and dissolve them becomes present this content.  I hope you take this opportunity to ask for forgiveness to those you spoke wrongly to and also recognize that your thoughts should always be subject to a purer scrutiny before you speak it out.  Continue your journey I am enjoying it immensely.Movie A Dog’s Purpose (2017)

I have to say, I am always appreciative and enlightened by the responses I receive from the soul world. I have found that on the soul journey there are never ending opportunities to purify the mind and cleanse it of harmful or tainted thinking.  My soul and I are much more in alignment these days after the many hours days and years of opening my spiritual channels.  I used to think that I and my soul are the same. Not even close. The one I call “I” is the personality.  My soul on the other hand is a well seasoned, very aware, divinely connected being that is experiencing life through me and this physical experience.

Drop me a line and let me know what you think your soul wants for you on your journey, and then ask yourself if you are aligned to it!