How does Divine Services Work?

Divine Services remove soul, heart, mind and body blockages, restoring your natural well-being. What are soul, heart, mind and body blockages?

  • Soul blockages are negative karma. According to Hindu and Buddhist traditions, karma is the record of your service in all your lifetimes. Good karma brings rewards — including physical health and vitality, good relationships and finances, and more. Bad karma brings lessons — pain, suffering, challenges and blockages in any aspect of your life.
  • Heart blockages include impurities such as selfishness, greed, desire for fame or money, and feelings of unworthiness. Mind blockages include negative mind-sets, negative attitudes, negative beliefs, ego and attachments.
  • Body blockages include energy blockages and matter blockages. Energy blockages occur around the cells. Matter blockages occur inside the cells. Here is the secret to Tao Healing: Heal the soul first; then healing of the mind and body will follow.®
  • In Western medicine, patients go through surgery to receive organ transplants. Tao Health Transmissions are done on a spiritual level by replacing the jing qi shen (I.e. karma free soul, heart, mind, energy and matter for that organ, system or body part. you requested blessings for)

What can Divine Services be applied to?

What types of Divine Services are available?


The Divine Healing and Transmission System is exceptional for all Physical pain, and health concerns This includes organs/systems/ specific health conditions/ and body parts. This system is also very successful with Major Emotional blockages such depression/Anxiety/ Loathing/Fear/ Grief/ Anger and more. This system is often used for Opening Spiritual Energy Centers and The individual Chakra’s. LEARN MORE.

CROWN CHAKRA BLESSING A Crown Chakra Blessing is an exceptional Blessing that has few boundaries. This type of blessing is excellent for transforming Children’s intelligence as well as quickly bring shift to mental & emotional obstacles. It is successfully used for Relationships, Finances, transforming Negativity, Behavioral imbalances, Faster assimilation of any Healing & Transmission System, Pregnancy, Boosting of Energy, Career, Focus, Opening Spiritual Channels, Alignment to the Divine and your Soul Journey , Releasing self deprecating mindsets, judgments, criticisms, and more. It will be suggested if that is what is best for your needs. LEARN MORE

SOUL OPERATION AND ENERGY HEALING This level of Healing is very effective for shorter term mid level or less pain. It is often used for pets, financial blessings, relationship blessings, clearing of energy centers and chakra blockages. It has few limitations and is an excellent choice if on a tight budget. LEARN MORE.

DIVINE PROTECTION PACKAGE The Divine Protection Package is a rare and valuable package. Move through life with a greater sense of security and protection from unwanted disasters, negativity from others and protection from communicable diseases. Severe accidents could be cleared or greatly reduced. Divine protection for your Animal Friends as well. LEARN MORE.

The first time I received a Remote Healing from Paul It was through Skype. I was on the other side of the world in Belgium and was suffering for well over a week from severe cold symptoms, fever, aching, and stuffy nose. Paul gave me a “Soul Operation” and additional healing while he chanted for about 5 minutes.I was so amazed.I could hardly believe what a difference these 5 minutes made. The next morning I was well on my way to full health again. About 3 months later I also received a remote healing for my neck and spine. Again the results were instant and my pain levels dropped by 70-80%. Chris Nevelsteen, Belgium