magic-fairy-dust-of-birthmother-healingOnly $30 / Per Soul /mth.

  • PETS

purple-lotus-hiI am honored to be able to offer such a huge blessing through this special program.  I have made it affordable enough that you consider blessings for your loved ones as well as yourself.  All Blessing are offered remotely via a Phone call.  Your presence on the call is not required to receive the benefits. For those who choose the ongoing subscription option.

I will offer a very special twice a month special 20 minute blessing.  Since becoming a Master teacher the normal abilities of my Transmissions has exponentially increased.  Each time I am uplifted or receive higher healing and blessings abilities , you benefit from increased potency even though the monthly subscription stays the same. This very special blessing can be extended to loved ones. {I.e. Mom, child and pet = $90/mth}.


  • Please remember YOU or anyone you register for – DO NOT NEED TO BE PRESENT TO RECEIVE THE BLESSINGS.  If you are registered you will receive the blessing regardless of where you are and when the blessing is offered
  • Blessings can be for Health, Relationship, Finances, Love, Soulmate, Business, Spiritual Growth, Intelligence, Success, Friendship, Bullying, Education, Work Issues, Emotions, and more. 
  • You may receive this blessing on a one time basis or a twice monthly recurring blessing
  • You can change your blessing request each time you receive. 
  • Your request can be registered with heavens (akashic records) by privately speaking your request anytime prior to the scheduled time
  • If you forget to request- I will ask heaven to choose on your behalf for what is most needed.
  • If you wish a blessing for others please register them (permission required unless is a direct family members ( spouse, parents, siblings children, grand parents, pets)
  • Upon registration you will be given The phone # to call in to (avoid karma – please do not share it) 
  • If you call in and are NOT registered you may receive a “splash” of of the light however you will not receive a direct blessing. Heaven has a record of all who honored appropriately.


Please Register for each Soul individually

Click on BUTTON for 1 x Blessing






PayPal not required- All Credit cards are accepted-

Please look carefully for choices other than Paypal (see image for example below)