Food for the Soul- reconnecting to your soul

Paul Fletcher

Food for the Soul- reconnecting to your soul. Aloha, welcome to my new web site and new blog. I was wondering what I would talk about as my first entry and I decided I would let you in on the life of a Soul Healer; to share with you soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge and practical techniques. To explain to you the steps of soul healing, soul reading, soul communication soul coaching and soulmate coaching. I will explain it to you so you know how it works in real life. I will teach you how to apply it in everyday activities to transform the various irritations and frustrations that life tends to throw at us like a series of perpetual curve-balls.


I would not be a soul healer if it wasn’t for my spiritual father Master Sha. I am always learning and growing as I aquire more food for the soul journey. I look forward to sharing these wisdoms with you, because it will give you an opportunity to understand the amazing attributes our own soul actually has.  Our soul has been around a lot longer than the person we call “Me”.  Our soul has lifetimes of incredible wisdom, lots of experiences and many great insights.  This soul food blog will provide food for the soul. It will be all about how to get re-acquainted with your soul and its journey.  I hope you climb aboard, I know your gonna enjoy the ride.