My experience as a Soulmate confidant has only improved with each client –  In my personalized program, I help you to discover and dissolve the unconscious pre-programmed “Soulmate blockages” that cause relationship problems and inhibit you from attracting your life mate. As a Divine Channel, vehicle and servant I am equipped with extraordinary healing abilities.  This in combination with the ability to read heaven’s Akashic records make me distinctly prepared to assist you to release the deep seated blockages that separate you from your soul and your soulmate.kvet

My program Is unique to you and your personal life blockages.   Each session runs 60-90 minutes and there are 5 sessions approximately 1 week apart.  Each session follows a predetermined structure.  I send each client the requisite “Homework” for the following week at the end of each session. They are to return it to me prior to the next session that I can prepare and provide the highest guidance possible. In between sessions there is responsibilities towards your success that you are expected to do. 

  • Five (5) Structured Sessions that offer Personal Attention to your unique conditions ( $750 value)
  • Akashic Record Soul Readings are included in your personal program ($300 value)
  • 2 Crown Chakra Blessings are included with your personal program ($200 value)
  • Complimentary Video Series is included with your personal program ($349 value)
  • Discounted Divine Services to further release your karmic blockages ($150 – $500 value)
  • Email,Text and Phone follow up and support after the completion of your sessions ( $250 value)

During my program, we discover the root source of the ALL past relationship problems and your unseen (unconscious) way of adopting or accepting those life experiences.  This underlying unconscious is what has caused the inability for you to align and attract your soulmate. By the time the 4th and 5th sessions come around there will have been significant awareness and readiness for shift. the final sessions are devoted to rewiring the internal unconscious dialog and the external conscious script.   This could be one of the most life changing experience you will have. I will empower you to uplift your soul, heart, mind and body to new heights of love, gratitude, and appreciation. You will feel strong, powerful and hopeful. Your soul journey will open up to new horizons filled with opportunity. You will reinvent yourself and this new and healthier self will attract the mate of your dreams. If you are serious about transforming  your life, please contact me for a complimentary 30 minute Introduction to the personalized program.  

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