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Soulmate Karma: Profound Secrets and Solutions to reveal and release the 10 major blockages that separate you from your soulmate.   

by Paul Fletcher

So many souls have suffered for so long with the deep and painful yearning for a love that fulfills their heart. Many may have found their soulmate only to now be separate from them and hopeful for another opportunity to feel that once again. Hope is alive.SoulMate Karma Ebook

This is so much more than just a book. The wisdom and guidance in this book will reveal the underbelly of why so many have not been able to attract and or sustain a soulmate relationship.

Profound wisdom, never before revealed secrets and clear easy to apply solutions are revealed. Each reader will feel empowered and hopeful once again because they will for the first time have the wisdom and the tools to reverse the underlying and unconscious magnetic pulse that been separating you from aligning to and attracting your soulmate.

Table of Contents

 I    Introduction

II   How to read this book
1.     Who is really running the show

        The real reason you are here and the power of your soul to control your life.

2.     Defining the nature of a soulmate

         Not what you thought you might hear

3.     Identifying the real reasons it has been so hard for you to find your soulmate

         Awakening to the ten independent factors that separate you from finding your soulmate.

4.      Understanding karma in relationships 

          Discover the silent killer of all your hopeful relationships.

5.      Mastering the possibilities Soulmate Mastery 101 

         How to control and self-clear the 10 factors that collude to separate you from  your soulmate.

6.      Behold: The power of the world’s greatest lie

         Understanding the power of conditional love and how it separates you from your  creator and your soulmate.

7.     The power and significance of loving thyself

         Revealing the unconscious beliefs and teachings that separate us from self love.

8.      Releasing the ghost of relationships past

          Empowering, practical and validated methods to transform and self clear current and past life relationship karma.

9.      Karma and the victim/victimizer role

          Re-balancing the relationship debts.

10.    Forgiving the past and creating the future 

          Key teachings on the power of forgiveness, soul to soul communication and the secret to transform all relationship karma.

11.    Manifesting your soulmate

          Applying manifesting principles for attracting your soulmate with the four powers.

12.    Tuning the frequency of the soulmate manifestation compass

          How to confirm your progress and what to look for.

13.     Purifying the soul to avoid false positives

          How to avoid false positives… is this my soulmate.

14.     Rebuilding your soulmate attraction power

          Transforming your future through conscious practices to dissolve false teaching and negative thinking.

15.     Rewriting the Soulmate Script.

          Attracting what you want is all about the way you say it.

16.     Applying soul power to complete the soulmate attraction system.

          Understanding and applying Soul Power for removing karmic blockages to quickly attract your soulmate.

17.     Conclusion




For a more personal One on One experience you can consider enrolling in My Soulmate Attraction System

Click here for more info 

by Paul Fletcher