Does God Love Me

does god love meDoes God Love me.  I hear this question especially when my clients are   We are all products of our upbringing.   Did your upbringing teach you that the creator of all life was conditional in their love?  I am guessing for about one half of my readers that a teaching of this nature was highly likely.  I do not pretend to assume my way is the only way, I will however offer some perspective that I hope will challenge any conscious or unconscious belief that our creator is conditional in his love for all that he created.

Instead of  stating my perspective, I will ask the Divine for a “flow” on this subject and let’s see what comes through.

This is the Divine: you ask the question, “Does God Love Me?  My Love is unconditional because I know of no other way to love.  The mere creation of conditions is the creation of opposites. Although I am not the creator of the opposites they are inside of me.  Hot was not known before cold. And up was not known without down. Each of these was created as a result of the wondrous expansion of myself into all that is.  In this expansion I gave all my equally loved children the right and opportunity to experience life.  This included the choice of free will.  This free will is what created the law of opposites or Yin/Yang.  It is a law that was created as a result of the exploration of souls as they expanded into endless possibilities.  This expansion has been both wonderful and experiential for

Does God Love Me

Ponder on this last statement and you will move so much closer to my heart than in all time.  Become one with me by becoming one with all souls.  This is what reverses the separative nature of the words and judgments you apply to experiences. I love you each and everyone unconditionally, all teachings to t

are not my teachings. Hao  he contrary

Thank you divine for those clear and heartfelt words of wisdom. I am grateful for the opportunity to receive your wisdom for this book.