How do I attract my Soulmate – A Mans Perspective

How do I attract my Soulmate – a Mans Perspective

Who ever thought a man could be a good soulmate coach?  If you lined up 100 women and asked them who could offer them the best advice of finding a soulmate.  I would bet a 70/30 response.  As I write this I posted this exact question to facebook and twitter. Maybe by the time I finish posting this I will have some real stats for you. how do i attract my soulmate

How do I attract my Soulmate is a frequent question, Especially amongst those who get tramples on!  I believe the perspective that the heterosexual male gender is universally considered void or incapable of offering wise insights on this subject is very short sighted.  Just because the majority of men lack an emotional vocabulary does not mean they are void of intelligent insights on this subject.  In fact it may be what is missing from the entirety of the subject. A man’s insight may be what makes the understanding of this subject whole and complete!

When I Googled how do I attract my Soulmate … I found that the majority of the sites and information was top 10 ways to attract your soulmate articles from a woman’s perspective.  That’s wonderful, and from what I read, the information, wisdom and insights that were offered were both supportive and beneficial “to a point”

I developed my Soulmate Attraction System based on an entirely different approach.  I came to realize was what I firmly believe is the missing link.  There are many beautiful souls that both want and deserve” the right one”  Yet consistently I observe these good souls keep attracting unpleasant people or relationships instilled with “unhealthy hidden patterns” that fail to show up until they are fully vested in the relationship.

This blog is to help you understand why.  “Why” you attract the same type of uncommitted, adulterous, addicted, or abusive person. Are you aware you radiate your own personal Wi-Fi attraction beacon?  You are constantly putting out a “Soulmate Attraction Signal.”  This signal attracts to you exactly what is right for you.  Unfortunately all too

how do i attract my soulmate

often what arrives is perceived as not right!

How is it that if you attract a person that is abusive, unpleasant etc… I can say that this is right for you? The answer is , its right for you only long enough to permanently dissolve this point of attraction.  If you do not permanently address  “the source” of the homing beacon you are subliminally putting out to the universe, then you will continue to attract the same type of conditions or persons.

In this blog and in my Soulmate Attraction System you will come to learn how to control and eliminate the bad signals and align to the ones that serve you and your soul mate journey.  One thing I can assure you. This program is way deeper than positive affirmations.  My program will change your life… forever.  I make no promises of finding your soulmate.  But I can promise you that if you apply my system into your daily life you will not attract the same type of people as in the past, and the likelihood of attracting your soulmate will be dramatically increased. I look forward to assisting you in healing and finding the love that you deserve.  Mahalo from Hawaii.