Archangel Michael – a message – Divine Flow Day 3

archangel michaelArchangel Michael

Hello Dear Ones.  I love you, we have been friends for many years and many lifetimes. I wish to tell you about the future.  There will be many trials in the future. We are not alone , we have God, you have God and all of us . call on us at all times—even in the small stuff. We are here to serve you.  The time will come in the near future where you will be asked to be of great service to your fellow man,  during these times the demands will be great it is during these times that your need for support will be greatest be sure and call on us we are here to serve. When you are alone and need some emotional support call on us we love you and will guide you through the emotions.  When you are tired, call on us. We will uplift you. You are never alone.  As master sha says. The divine is always present –you only need ask.  You are very loved.  Hao