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Animal healing pet

Our pet recovered from health and emotional issues

Larry is our 13 year old chinchilla.  He lost his life time Chinchilla partner, Adam in August 2013.  They were together since they were babies antidepressant lexapro.  After Adam’s passing,  Larry stopped eating and didn’t play well.  I was worried that he might have teeth problem (which is common in Chinchillas when they stop eating)  or emotional or any other health issues.  Unfortunately, it is very hard to diagnose the health problems with small animals like chinchilla, even with vegetarian visits.

I was referred to Paul.  He said he had done animal healing before, but said its up to the Divine. He offered the service remotely and called Larry’s soul and connected with the Divine.  Paul spoke as he received the messages from the Divine, told me that Larry had multiple issues, such as minor infection in digestive system, depression and sadness, but no teeth problems.  I was told to give him Colloidal Silver, which is the natural antiviral, antibacterial, and immune enhancer.   Paul then initiated the animal healing by offering a  soul operation to Larry’s organ, systems and emotions.

On the same day at night, Larry started eating his regular food, and had colloidal silver mixed water.  He started running around and played much more than previous days, looked much happier.  Very quickly Larry started adapting the life without Adam.  Now he plays well and eats well.  He is 13 years old, but plays like a young boy.

I really appreciate Paul’s animal healing abilities and the Divine to help Larry recovering  from his emotional and health issue.  Without Paul, we wouldn’t be enjoying being and playing with Larry now.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Paul and the Divine!

Remote healing available for Pets and People

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