Advanced Open Spiritual Channels 6 Week Course

Sunday April 21 – May 26, 2019

You are a SOUL having a physical experience.

Aloha, My name is Master Paul Fletcher.  When I was 19,  I entered 4 year Theosophical University and received a B.A. in Discipleship. Since then I have been on a path of purification. This includes studying under 3 separate enlightened masters, each with a unique value in my life. A half a century later I am humbled to be considered a Certified Master Teacher accredited by Dr. and Master Sha. and  the Tao Academy.  As a master teacher, I am well trained to serve humanity in a most extraordinary way.

This course follows the previous 12 week Open spiritual Channels Course. 


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This 6 week program reveals Sacred and Secret Tao Wisdom for the 4 major Soul Communication Channels.

  • The Soul language Channel
  • Soul Communication and Translation Channel
  • Third Eye Channel
  • Direct Knowing Channel
  • Shen Chi Jing Channel

These 7 channels have a sacred and secret pathways. When these pathways are developed, cleared and awakened, your spiritual channels will:

  • Open much further
  • Support more accurate guidance
  • Greatly align communication to your soul 
  • Increase healing and serving abilities
  • Attract greater communication from and alignment with your creator
  • Increase accuracy of communication with other light beings

The benefits you can expect to receive include: 

  • Clear understanding of why you are here on earth at this time
  • Purer and more loving experiences in your relationships
  • Layered releases of lifelong suffering (it will take longer than 5 weeks)
  • More energy, less emotional pain, greater happiness, more love for self and others.
  • A deep understanding of your soul/energy body and its direct relationship to your health
  • Life changing awakening that will empower your future
  • Greater attunement to heaven, your soul, and the web of life

Course Description: This 6 week Course is offered LIVE in Group format. Each session is 90 minutes and is recorded for review if you are unavailable. Each session includes sacred and secret teachings, hands on practice personal guidance and group blessings. Each student is expected to apply the suggested practices every day. There will be a mid-week group practice

CLASSES : Every Sunday 10:00 am Hst/12:00pm Pst/ 3:00pm Est/ 8:00pm UK/9:00pm Cest/ 6:00am Sydney (mon)/ 9:00am Kiwi (mon)/

Practices: Every Tuesday 10:00 am Hst/12:00pm Pst/ 3:00pm Est/ 8:00pm UK/9:00pm Cest/ 6:00am Sydney (mon)/ 9:00am Kiwi (mon)/

Week 1.  The Soul Language Channel
• Nature and location of Soul language Channel
• Revealing the Soul language and soul song
• Soul Language and song for healing self and others
• Releasing your Soul Song Practices

Week 2.  Soul Communication and Translation Channel
• Understand your Souls Own communication
•  Translate other Souls communication into your language
• Communicate with any soul to hear their message
• Communicate with heaven and light beings
• Practices

Week 3.  PRACTICING : Soul Communication and Translation Channel

•  Translate other Souls communication into your language

Communicate with any soul to hear their messages

Week 4. The 3rd Eye Channel  (not energy center)
• Power and Significance
• Location and Attributes of this Channel for your 3rd eye
• Improved accuracy and clarity of 3rd eye
• Practices for purifying the Channel and 3rd eye

Week 5.  The Direct Knowing Channel
• Location of Direct knowing Channel
• Power & Significance of Accurate Divine Knowing
• Understanding of why this is the most important channel
• How to know if what you are receiving is Direct Knowing or your mind

Week 6.  4 Major meridians Ren, Du, Dai, Chang.
• Location of these 4 meridians to opening the channels
• Relationship of these channels to Opening your Spiritual Channels
• Positive and negative impacts (health, energy etc…)
• Practices for Boosting, and Energizing these channels.

       Course Honor Fee is $150

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