3-Special ways LOVE can Melt all Blockages.

#3-Special ways LOVE can Melt all Blockages.

Today is dedicated to 3 special ways that love can melt all blockages. One of the reason why I am focusing on this podcast on this day; 3- ways to bring move love; melt all blockages with love; because this is the new desire, new  direction of my Spiritual Teacher and Father, Master Sha. He since the beginning of time since his presence here on earth and this one sentence secret; Love melts all blockages which has at least been for 15 years in all of his books, this already has been something near and dear to his heart to help serve humanity.

You may watch the video here

3-Special ways LOVE can Melt all Blockages.

Posted by Paul Fletcher on Tuesday, November 6, 2018


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