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When we lack LOVE every part of our lives feel challenged. There are many reasons for not maintaining or finding true love.  A lack of true love is often associated with lack of self love and separation of the Divines Love.  When our hearts and the Divines heart are aligned , there is no love we cannot attract to us. Click on this tab and learn more about how to heal this.

There is no greater Love than the love of the Divine Creator



Opening Spiritual Channels

Jan 20- Worldwide

STARTS  JAN 20,2019.   Starts You are a SOUL having a physical experience.    This 12 week program reveals Sacred and Secret Tao Wisdom for the 7 Chakras and 5 Energy Centers and The Energy and Matter Channels. Opening your spiritual channels, third eye, and soul communication abilities are all possible in this extraordinary course.   The sacred and secret techniques to open and develop these important spiritual channels and energy centers are often shielded from humanity.   It is now time to remove the veil and awaken you fully to your soul’s potential.

Understanding the Spiritual Reason for Cancer


The Root cause of every Wonderful and Unpleasant thing in our lives is rooted in karma- karma is reversible.  

In this Workshop you will be empowered with Both Wisdom and practical solutions that if applied could create a much better chance for success.  Via  pre recorded Webcast:  Click on the REGISTER Button for all the details…




The Greatest Honor of All Lifetimes

Was to be chosen as a Master Teacher and Practitioner  for Tao Institute. I have studied under Grandmaster Zhi Gang Sha, a world renowned Tao Source Messenger, Miracle Healer and unconditional universal servant of humanity for over nine years. I have been blessed to experienced lifetimes of spiritual debt (karma) released through this self-chosen intense purification path. Each stage of success was honored by higher certification, greater service oriented responsibility and higher layers of miracle blessing abilities. Each layer released allowing me to be a more pure vessel for heavens healing power to serve others with. My teacher often repeats a little known heavens’ secret “To save a person’s life is greater than building a golden 7 layer temple.”


We are taught to never make promises. To create a miracle when people come to me after all else has failed is not easy, yet when my client receives the suggested blessings and does the suggested practices, this happens with far greater success than almost other modalities. Master Sha and all his Master Teacher Practitioners have a clear and undeniable 20 year track record of success. Blessings can be offered to maintain optimal health and wellness for your physical, emotional, mental bodies as well as for financial, relationship or business imbalances. Regardless of the condition, or circumstance let me be your first call rather than a lifeline at the end of a list of failed attempts. I am honored to serve you.

Master Paul Fletcher
Master Teacher Practitioner


Tao Blessings

1. Physical Body: Specific Suffering in the Body, Organ, System, Health Condition. Pain, Chronic Conditions and more
2. Emotional Imbalances: I.e. Depression, Fear, Worry, Grief, Anxiety, etc…
3. Mental Imbalances: Addictions, Psychological etc…

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Soul Mate: Soul Mate Karma  Ebook

1. First of its kind System for Attracting a Soul Mate.
2. This system reveals the underlying subconscious & often karmic conditions that lay at the source of our inability to attract our Soul Mate to us.
3. Step by step multi-faceted system for releasing and reversing the multiple layers of all that repels/separates us from our Soul Mate.

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Soul Reading: Akashic Record Reading

1. Love, Relationship, Family, Finances, Job, Health and more
2. Source of Blockages for any aspect in Life
3. Past Life Reading (for guidance and assistance in this life.)
4. Guidance from your Soul and High Level Beings in the Soul World.

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Soul Guidance Counseling: For Business or your Soul Journey

1. Soul Journey: Multi-session program designed to awaken your heart. Reveal your Purpose in Life. Enlighten your Soul, Heart, Mind and Body. Heal and rejuvenate your 7 soul houses, organs and systems, and align your heart and soul to fulfill your soul journey.

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Food for the SOUL

Aligning to higher frequencies

Tao Science understanding energy and matter

#Tao Science understanding energy and matter Today I will be talking about a subject that I am of course learning
Aligning to higher frequencies

Serving those with Cancer singing Love Peace and Harmony 

#Serving those with Cancer singing Love Peace and Harmony Aloha and thank you for joining me today, Sunday 6pm Hawaii
Aligning to higher frequencies

The 10 powers of Soul Enlightenment

#The 10 powers of Soul Enlightenment I am so happy to be sharing with you some of the wisdom that