Soul Reading

…I received several soul readings from Paul. Each reading resonated with accuracy and created trust and faith to assist me in transforming major obstacles in my life. I recommend his services for any aspect of your life.    Raj Kumar, Ph. D  Author –  The Secrets of Health and Healing

What is a Soul Reading?

A soul reading involves direct communication with your soul or your heavens team (guides, angels and saints). I have trained for several years and am in the process of certification. (certification requires 90% accuracy) This is a “Soul Guided Reading” This is not a psychic reading and the benefits derived from the information obtained can be substantially more advantage’s to your souls intention in this life’s journey.

Soul Reading is a direct communication with your soul. It is not psychic reading or impressions. There is no guessing involved. As a certified healer and teacher. I have been blessed to receive multiple downloads to open my spiritual channels.

These channels include soul language, soul translation, divine direct knowing, and third eye channels. I have trained extensively to be able to communicate directly with your soul or other light beings in the soul world. This could include, your personal guides, angelic beings, saints, Buddhas, and higher.



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